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How Music and Light created the Universe


The father of gods and human beings according to ancient Hellenic tradition.

The Muses.

Children of Zeus and the goddess Mnemosyne.


The opposite of oblivion and ignorance.

Muses, Music. They share the same root in the Greek language.

Phoebus Apollon.

Son of Zeus and Leto.

He holds a lyre in his hand and, according to Hellenic tradition, he is the god of Light and Music.

The Muses. As mentioned in their Orphic Hymn: ‘’you wake the faultless virtue of all edification in mortals’’.

The Muses...

The Muses are responsible for every science, every harmonious culture, and every harmonious civilization ever bestowed upon humanity by the Divine World.

They are Pure Divine Entities, supporters of all edification including music given in a faultless manner, a manner following the divine laws for harmony.

They guide the continuous bestowal of harmonious poetry and melody to humanity through inspiration.

God Phoebus Apollon is the god of Light and Music, in other words, the god of Light and Sound.

It is easy, therefore, to understand that Harmonious Music is the child of those Divine Beings.

The meaning of Music

Music, as a heaven-sent entity, is the most suitable Mystic to initiate human beings into the teachings of the Science of the Mystagogues,

in a peaceful and artistic manner,

unwaveringly, with the finest, most sublime, and most beautiful, vigorous force.

At the same time, Music has both the grace and the power to manifest and materialize anything good, virtuous, and beneficial we wish.

Musical melody and harmony

Both in the Hellenic tradition, as well as in other ancient traditions of the peoples of the Earth, it is rightly said that Theogony and Cosmogony manifested through Music, Sound and Light.

In other words, the entire Cosmos has been, is, and always will be floating in musical melody and harmony.

Children of the entities mentioned above are the music group of ‘’Aeifaron’’ School of Light and ‘’Panarmonia’’, a music group serving Harmony and Light.

With all our love, we offer you some of their songs, their sacred outcomes, as nourishment for your soul and spirit, and as a precious guide and healer for your physical body.

We wish you to make good use of them in the most beautiful way.

Hear from our readers

I died a million times reading this book. And was reborn again. It challenged every single perspective I held on life. It is an awakening. It is death for the ego and absolute freedom for the soul. I am eternally grateful to Master Michail for this priceless treasure.

Phaedra S. - Greek Teacher

I could say that I strongly recommend this book, but this would be an understatement! How can anyone describe an eye-opening experience or a "manual" for living a true life? This book is a living being that changed my life!

Anna-Maria K. - Psychologist - Counselor

To me, this is more than just a book. It is a living being I trusted wholeheartedly. It took me by the hand, and guided me to experience the undeniable truth, that I am... already free.

Panagiota T. - Graphic Designer

Since a young age, I remember asking myself what happens after death. I couldn't accept that there is nothing after this life. Also, I was afraid that I wouldn't have time to live and do whatever I wanted. When I became 20, I started searching for books with an answer to release my fear. I read a lot of books about this topic, but still I wasn't completely free from the idea of dying. When I read this book; Oh my God! A huge revelation and a big opening occurred. I realised that we are not dying - it is just a moving out of this dimension. I found out that my soul is eternal and emortal and only my physical body is leaving this material plane. I freed myself and I started truly living like I was born anew. PERSEFONI


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Prayer - Invocation - Dedication

The ‘’Prayer – Invocation – Dedication’’ set to music by the music group of the ‘’Aeifaron’’ School of Light.


Inspiring and liberating song ‘’Angel’’ from PanArmonia.

Fly Higher

Inspiring and liberating song ‘’Fly Higher’’ from PanArmonia.

PanArmonia Music Band

PanArmonia, an extraordinary musical ensemble founded in 2011, is a transformative journey of harmonious melodies and celestial vocals.

With a rich repertoire of over 100 compositions, each meticulously crafted with Greek or foreign-language lyrics, PanArmonia celebrates the true essence of life captivating audiences worldwide.

The repertoire is based primarily in a new music expression, the Self-Liberation genre.

Their primary mission is to serve as a vessel for panhuman values and emit positive frequencies through their music.

PanArmonia’s dedication to harmonious music tuned at 432Hz, opens a gateway to inner harmony and tranquility, resonating with the vibrations of our natural environment.

Their deep respect for the ancient Greek Orphic Hymns manifests in their unwavering dedication to composing the hymns, echoing the eternal wisdom and beauty of the cosmos.

Aeifaron - a "University of Life"

Τhe association “Aeifaron” is a live “University of Life” the aim of which is to awaken the full potential in a human being.

Through its activities the association educates one on all levels and makes them able to experience true life and freedom on a steady basis.

We work daily to create a “modern day Asclepion” in Ancient Nemea where we house our principles and virtues and advance well-being.