Attention Seekers of Inner Peace and Freedom! If you want to transform your life and awaken to your true self, in the most easy and simple way, this is for you!

“Unearth the profound wisdom of embracing life and death, and embark on a transformative journey towards self-realization and spiritual enlightenment.”

“Experience the Transformation of a Lifetime, Understand Death and become FEARLESS no matter what.

This book is a lighthouse emitting bright, shining light for every human being, wherever they may be and whatever their conditions in life. It is an initiation to a true life and a peaceful transition! It teaches one how to be truly alive every moment in life and how to leave easily at death remaining alive.

Ermeia F.

I read numerous books on this topic, but I still wasn’t entirely free from the idea of dying. And then, when I read this book, oh my God! A massive revelation and a profound opening occurred. I realized that we are not actually dying – it’s more like moving into another dimension. I discovered that my soul is eternal and immortal, and only my physical body is departing from this material plane. I freed myself, and I started living as if I were born anew.

Persefoni S.
Yoga Instructor

I died a million times reading this book. And was reborn again. It challenged every single perspective I held on life. It is an awakening. It is death for the ego and absolute freedom for the soul. I am eternally grateful to Master Michail for this priceless treasure.

Phaedra S.
Teacher of Greek

When my ignorance beyond death was removed and the truth shined inside me like the sunrise, my everyday life got brighter, vivid, alive, in trust and peace.

Minoas S.

This book helped me discover what True Life really is and overcome all of my fears. It helped me change my perspective on almost everything in life. In a very unique way, it brought me closer to myself…

George Nitsopoulos
Insurance counselor


Dear Seeker of the Truth,

If you want to discover lasting freedom and fearlessness beyond any limitation.

And literally WAKE UP to the truth of who you really are…

Then this will be the most important book you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

We know what it feels like to be lost in the grip of fear and limiting beliefs.

To desperately seek validation through achievements yet find yourself falling into a vicious circle.

To desire fulfillment but experience that life is an endless struggle, a desert.

To feel all alone and unloved.

Or even… to have accomplished so much yet feel something is missing.

We too, before entering this University of Life, have engaged in endless spiritual seeking.

Gathering misguiding concepts, endless theory and, eventually, confusion.

Our minds were crowded with ideas, but our hearts were devoid of peace.

Then, guided by the Teaching of Light contained in this book, we dared to inquire deeply within.

Our Spiritual Teacher, through his selfless love, and boundless wisdom, encouraged us to make no compromise, break every limitation and dare to see the truth.

Rather than grasp after the next theory, we committed to merciless self-examination.

Our School of Light became our home, but also our training field, our ego boot camp!

The community we built became our shelter, and our brothers and sisters our perfect mirrors.

We questioned everything we thought we knew.

Through profound contemplation, the veil of illusion began to lift.

Freedom from suffering dawned, not as a belief, but as a living reality.

We awakened to eternal perfection beyond the illusion of separation.

With compassion as our guide, we share the steps that unlocked our liberation through this groundbreaking book.

Now, that the School of Light of a few daring disciples originated a University of Life for all humanity.

And hundreds of people from all around the globe are reaching out to us to experience the miracle of true freedom…

It is our sacred obligation to share these priceless treasures with you.

Giving you access to raw material from live teachings, tested techniques, and timeless truths that transformed our lives forever.

So, you too can know and experience the bliss of a fearless life, using the easy and simple spiritual levers of the Path of Self-Liberation, here and now.


The spirit of our Teacher is that of Ultimate Truth.

And, it is in the same spirit that he wishes us to be in.

Our Teacher – as every authentic Teacher does – unwaveringly prevents any kind of attachment of his disciples towards himself, the community or our School.

The Teacher wants us to lean only on our own strength.

And to keep receiving the Teachings, the Initiations and the knowledge, while not being dependent from anyone.

He strongly believes that, with his help, yet only supported by our own strength, we can be FREE.

In “How to Die Before You Die…by living the True Life” by Spiritual Teacher Michail Polychronakis,

we distill decades of real-life experience into an accessible roadmap for living and dying fearlessly.

This book goes beyond vague platitudes or conceptual models.

It provides grounded wisdom and practical steps to:

  • Let go of fear-based mental patterns holding you back.
  • Detoxify from negative thoughts and emotions, toxins that lead to repeating mistakes. 
  • Accept impermanence and resolve your resistance to change.
  • Awaken to who you truly are beyond any labels.
  • Accept the mortality of the physical body and come to realize your true nature as pure, divine awareness.
  • Being present and aware in each moment and how this trains the mind and allows us to remember the teachings at the time of death. 
  • Receive simple yet profound guidance for the soul’s journey after death through the Orphic Teachings where the soul is reminded of its divine immortal nature.
  • Uncover lasting inner freedom unaffected by circumstances.
  • Discover the interconnectedness underlying apparent separation.
  • Manifest compassion into every aspect of your living.
  • And much much more…

This is not just another self-help book full of empty promises.

We offer the distillation of timeless spiritual insight tailored to the modern seeker.

If you are ready to free yourself from egoic delusion and live fully with fearless authenticity, this book will revolutionize your life.

The wisdom and support within these pages are calling to you. Answer their call today.

Purchase “How to Die Before You Die…by living the True Life” now and begin your journey.

Your true life is here.


The more we explored this ancient, but ever-fresh “guide to Life & Death”, the more universally effective it proved.

It worked for every seeker,every inspired human being who decided to be free and peaceful.

For every person that, after having enough with insecurity, chose the path of security through accepting impermanence.

It worked across every background and belief system.

We knew this approach was different, though at first we weren’t sure why.

But as we looked more closely at its effectiveness, themes began to emerge.

We started mapping and honing these methods, refining them into a clear “self-liberation approach”.

And we continually confirmed that the results were more profound than any other approach people were using.

Since then, we’ve shared these teachings widely with…

  • Christians
  • Buddhists
  • Atheists
  • Agnostics
  • Skeptics
  • The wealthy
  • The poor
  • Westerners
  • Easterners
  • Those facing adversity
  • Those feeling lost
  • The sick
  • The healthy
  • The privileged
  • The oppressed
  • And more

From priests to politicians, therapists to activists…

This system unlocks liberation for all who earnestly seek freedom from fear & uncertainty.

And you can apply this “approach” in your own life, to transcend whatever limits or suffers you now.

This is no wishy-washy theory or esoteric concept.

It’s a living approach, proven effective now.

To awaken to your true nature beyond all labels and stories.

You see, these teachings are drawn from direct experience, not mere concepts.

And we share them with empathy, to spare you years of struggle.

So you can enjoy real life faster than we did.

So you can face death and each one of life’s transition with grace and fearlessness.

Getting to know and practice the profound teachings of the Orphic-Pythagorean tradition you will experience a deep shift in your perspective.

Reading this book you will gain a new, caring friend that will guide you through the transition of dying and through the process afterwards.

Getting to know what lies beyond the veil and how to navigate through it will highlight your capacity to be self-reliable and moreover…

will allow you to be of immense help to your family, community and all those dying or going through bumpy rides in their lives.

Now, we know you may be skeptical.

But don’t worry.

We’ll address any hesitation shortly.

First, let’s look at…



  • Are you or a someone you love facing death – wishing to receive assistance and guidance?
  • Are you facing a major life transition – and unsure how to move ahead?
  • Are you a seeker feeling lost in concepts and beliefs – longing for grounded wisdom to walk the path ahead?
  • Are you a spiritual practitioner wanting to serve others authentically – wishing to share truths beyond theory?
  • Are you disillusioned by surface-level fixes – and ready to commit to true transformation?
  • Have you tried countless techniques unsuccessfully – yet feel drawn to keep seeking?
  • Do you intuit greater freedom exists – beyond dogma or doctrines?
  • Do you feel haunted by fear, uncertainty and separation – and ache for spiritual liberation?
  • Do you feel trapped by stories and labels – and sense your boundless divine pure nature calling?
  • Are you ready to free yourself from all limits? To awaken to who you truly are?
  • To live a true life, compassionately and fearlessly here and now?

If you resonate with any of these longings, you’re ready for this book’s awakening wisdom.

This system provides the keys to unlocking the jail of false separation.

So you can fly free as the boundless awareness you are.

The eternal aliveness you’ve been seeking eagerly awaits. Unveil it now!

We’ve detailed every element of this potent step-by-step ‘self-liberation path’ in our groundbreaking new book.

“How to Die Before You Die…by living the True Life”.

It provides everything you need to transcend the egoic self and wake up to your true nature, your Pure Divine Nature.

But we fully appreciate you may be skeptical.

We were too before meeting our Spiritual Teacher and entering our School of Light.

The internet is full of “experts” selling empty promises.

So we don’t expect you to blindly take our word…

Instead, read on and see for yourself.

This book guides you through the direct experience of Inner Peace and Freedom from all fears – not just more concepts.

It’s received glowing reviews from spiritual luminaries of all backgrounds and the list keeps getting longer.

But you need not take their word either.

Apply the practices herein for yourself.

Put them to the test through direct experience.

This is the top criteria our Teacher gives us so we can see for ourselves if something is true or not.

Once you do, you’ll feel the truth resonating in your very bones.

This book provides the keys to unlocking the prison of separation that confines you.

Open the door to the all-pervading and everlasting Oneness of all that is.

So you can fly freely as the boundless awareness you are.

The eternal aliveness you’ve been searching for eagerly awaits.

Unveil it now!

Take the first step today by purchasing “How to Die Before You Die…by living the True Life” now.

Your ultimate freedom is closer than close.

Begin the journey home.


Finally! A Simple and Easy Way To Transcend All Fears!

Without Struggle Or Previous Experience


This book wastes no time and goes straight for the heart of fearless living…no matter what.

No filler or fluff.

Pure, authentic instructions on accepting death and impermanence of any kind.

Just hard-hitting practices you can apply NOW to free yourself from all limitations.

Without relying on anything outside yourself…

However, once you apply this methods…

You’ll likely feel called to support others on their life’s journey too.

And you’ll feel secure and strong enough, having all the support you need, to even guide your loved ones through their journey after death.

And receive immense gratitude from these souls for guiding them through this critical time of their transition. 

Giving them the most precious gift anyone could ever receive.

At a time where the soul could experience the most overwhelming fear and panic.

And we’ll explain why as you read on.

Know this:

This isn’t some book filled with airy-fairy spiritual ideals or outdated dogma.

It provides the most direct, grounded, tested guidance…

For immediately waking up to who you truly are, right here and now.

For dealing with death & guiding your soul through self imposed projections.

These approaches are validated by centuries of tradition, yet tailored for today.

It is extremely easy and simple to apply and if you’re dedicated it bears immediate results.

Yet, it’s definitely not a quick fix. 

No step by step tips and tricks.

Consistency is a key.

Hammering the ego is a one way road.

And since we want you to completely break free…

We’re sharing generously in these pages.

(Some may say too openly, but no secrets are kept from sincere seekers).

This book provides all you need to unravel the fictional self.

And relax into the effortless awareness that you are.

Take the first step today – purchase now and shatter the chains of insecurity.


It was when we had enough of life’s adversities and fruitless seeking.

That we found our School of Light, our University of Life.

That we found a true Teacher, a living example of living in absolute bliss.

And it was only then that we began exploring the Path of Liberation from all fears in earnest.

Seeking desperately for truth beyond concepts.

With nothing but open minds and a yearning for freedom.

For years, probably like you, we followed many practices and tried countless techniques fruitlessly…

Yet today, as we write this…

After being merciless with out attachments to our egos, to the physical body, to our endless fake needs.

We abide in our original state of liberation from all fear and illusion..

At peace with what is, beyond all wanting.

Having unlocked the illusion of isolation and awakened from its fiction.

By embodying the ancient Orphic-Pythagorean wisdom made accessible in this book.

It’s ALL because of this roadmap that we have mastered fearless living at our University of Life.

The timeless wellbeing we sought was right here all along.

Take the first step back home by purchasing this book now.

Begin today alongside our University of Life – true life awaits!

Since sharing these teachings, we’ve been recognized by seekers from all around the globe for offering guidance to timeless spiritual wisdom.

But we don’t share this to boast – only to show what is possible.

This path is open and available to all… and can liberate anyone who applies it in full sincerity.

And unless you resist seeing what is already here…

It can reveal the natural freedom, peace and compassion beyond imagination.

The thing is, so few truly embody this out there!

Only through the constant guidance of a true Teacher who won’t rest until you are completely free.

Who will tell you the stark truth about what you have been doing ”wrong” all your life.

Only through the mirroring with other seekers and disciples who are determined to break free from all illusion.

Only then, you can transcend the mental treadmill of seeking.

What does this mean?

No more chasing fantasies, false promises or fears.

You can remove yourself from all this instead.

Right here and now, you can walk free of all limitations constructed by thought.

Take the first step on this journey by purchasing this book today.

Begin living fearlessly now – your true potential is about to be unfolded!

Through reading this book, you’ll discover the keys to spiritual growth tailored for the modern seeker.

You will get a clear picture on what awaits the soul after departing from the body, as well as a first timer crystal clear & easy to remember step-by-step guide on the process of dying and beyond.

These ancient teachings are derived from the Orphic Tradition and the Hellenic Spirit and stand out for their simplicity and profound transformational power they have on people regardless of their background or upbringing.

During this journey, timeless wisdom will guide you to transcend ego and awaken to your true, immortal nature.

Here’s what you’ll uncover in this transformative read:

  • How to recognize the stories and labels trapping you in suffering
  • Steps to unwind conditioning and habitual thought patterns
  • Practices to clear the obscurations veiling your natural awareness
  • Perspectives to help you accept impermanence and change
  • Ways to unlock innate compassion, wisdom and equanimity
  • Guidance to shift from false to true identification
  • Freedom from desire and reference points for unconditional peace
  • The joy of realizing your interconnectedness with all life
  • A magical tour through the Ancient Greek Hymns of Orpheus, imbued with spiritual guidance and true wisdom
  • A thorough guide on how to move through the projections arising after departing from the physical body
  • How & Why the highest Truth of Orphic-Pythagorean teachings that ”One is All, All is One” and everything was, is and will always be perfect” is a guide through illusion.

This book provides everything you need to go beyond concepts and awaken for yourself, from the comfort of your own home.

Take the first step today – your liberation awaits!

This book provides the lost keys to unlock timeless inner freedom and peace of mind.

Why continue suffering when your natural state is effortless joy?

Don’t hesitate – purchase your copy today and step through illusion’s veil into clarity!

Your true nature has been waiting for this moment. Claim it now!


”The revelation of the Absolute Truth helps the human being transcend any illusion or limitation.

The attachment to the physical body is the foundation of all attachments.

You are not your physical body.”

The physical body is simply a vehicle used for a short while in each incarnation.”

The Orphic maxim “NOTHING IN EXCESS’’ is the key of all keys for everything, and most certainly for the liberation from all illusion.

Identifying with the ego is what causes all the suffering.”

As soon as the ego is withdrawn, the human being experiences the One and the All and the reasons that prevented them from having a share in all the treasures of life and enjoying abundance, are no longer in effect.

The truth liberates us in an indisputable, easy way. There is no reason for suffering, hardship, or lack of abundance.

The One manifests in All and All is One and everything is, have always been and always will be perfect.

The book discusses using self-inquiry and open awareness, in the form of observing without getting involved to see through the illusion of a separate self or ego.


”The Orphic Teaching is the most ancient Teaching of Light that has ever come to Earth.”

”The Hellenic Spirit is one and the same with the Universal Spirit of Simplicity and Divine Love.”

”The Hellenic Spirit embraces not only the Earth, all realms, and all people, but the entire Universe and all beings as well.”

”One must simply approach the Orphic Hymns, the Orphic Teaching and every other Teaching with love and simplicity and they will find the truth.”

”Follow the maxims ”Nothing in Excess” and ” Know Thyself”.”

”Every human being has a Pantheon inherent within them.”

”The Muses are responsible for every science, every harmonious culture, and every harmonious civilization ever bestowed upon humanity by the Divine World.”

”Harmonious music is a heaven-sent entity, a Mystic, that initiates human beings into the Absolute Truth.”

”The entire Cosmos was manifested through Music, Sound, and Light.”


”Neither birth nor death exist.”

”The quintessence of the human being is unlimited, unborn and immortal.”

”Every illusion and every limitation is based on the belief that birth and death exist.”

”If you do not “die’’, you cannot live.”

”If you do not die out of the level of limited perception, you will not be able to live on the level of freedom.”

”The idea of separateness is nothing more than the mental projection.”

”There is nothing separate. Only the world of absolute reality, the ocean of the all-encompassing love truly exists.”

”Start believing and trust that you are, have always been and always will be… everything!”

”Everything exists in absolute union, justice, truth, and love. ”

”Everything is united in complete harmony.”


The mind is like a horse galloping non-stop.”

And we’re just getting started! Here’s more…

We are not aiming at having the mind die! A dead mind can be of service to no one. 

We only wish for the mind to be at the service of our freedom, and not our guide. ”

”Taming the mind means putting it in the service of freedom and awakening.”

”The mind is no longer necessary, when consciousness has advanced a lot and has reached the borders of awareness. At this state, the human being is aware that things simply “happen’’.

Our mind is just a tiny particle of the Universal Mind, which is infinitely more magnificent than the human mind.”

”The quintessence of the human mind is the same as that of the Universal Mind.”

How much foolishness and deception can the restricted human mind concoct, when it is cut off from Divine Wisdom for the sake of the ego!”

”As soon as you make up your minds to see your projections for what they are and then withdraw them, you are free from the Law of Karma, the Law of Cause and Effect.”


In other words, once you see through illusion, you will never again look to transient phenomena for lasting happiness.

You will seek only to abide in the natural freedom that is your essence. This book reveals how.

”By applying the method of simply observing the ego, without exaggerating or becoming mentally or emotionally involved, one is freed.”


As already mentioned:

”Identifying with the ego is what causes all the suffering. ”

”It is impossible for someone to act wisely and still project an ego.”

”How much foolishness and deception can the restricted human mind concoct, when it is cut off from Divine Wisdom for the sake of the ego!”

”These are very simple yet profound truths, which, if recalled, one can be free as of this moment. All it takes is for you to remember them.”

”Only what we have truly loved, can we remember always and forever, carrying it with us in every incarnation.”

”Everything you truly love is eternally yours.”

Wow! That’s a lot of timeless yet fresh pointers to fearless living that are powerfully relevant…

And it’s wisdom beyond intellectual teachings, shared from the perspective of living realization.

And, like we said… it’s free!

We’ll explain why sharing this freely benefits all beings in a moment. But first, understand that this is…


We’ve been tested and trusted for guiding people from every corner of the Earth to fearless living and dying…

All craving for integrating these teachings.

Well, we can’t blame them!

Because this is like a password to peace.

A master key to realizing eternal well-being.

Like coming home to who you really are.

And now, with your openness, we’ll share it with you!

We want to offer you our new book “How to Die Before You living the True Life”.

This book tells it all.

No concepts left out.

You’ll have a complete roadmap to life, death and beyond, far from the myth of separateness.

You’ll discover how to relax into natural awareness, seeing through imaginary identities.

You’ll know how to unlock intuitive wisdom, compassion and equanimity.

You will know what lies when transitioning from the physical world and how to handle the processes moving through the more ethereal realms.

You will be at a place of confidence and compassion, so that you can be a helper for those in need.

You will be guided to overcome the notions of birth and death, so that you fully experience the eternal you.

This simple yet profound path removes all barriers to recognizing your true nature.

The thing is, so few truly embody this out there!

Because this points beyond dogma and limitations.

Living in a community, in a spiritual family, leaves no room for the ego.

Having a Teacher carrying all the ancient wisdom and giving all the love he has leaves no room for disappointment.

And all this experience, is now in a book.

A book you can hold in your hands and join us in this extraordinary journey towards total liberation.


Look, we’ve been asked how these profound teachings could be so openly shared…

But we absolutely insist – there is nothing here that should make anybody anxious or nervous…

Or lead them to believe they could get in trouble by embodying this wisdom.

Our standpoint is this…

It is the most direct path for recognizing your true nature beyond imaginary identities…

Useful for all people, in all circumstances who sincerely seek freedom.

And as proof…

Many have applied these practices to unlock abiding inner peace and compassion.

Many have applied the guidelines and preparation set for dying and beyond and have been deeply transformed.

It’s like getting the “master key” to unlock life & death’s secrets.

A straight path beyond meandering.

Look, we could go on and on, but the simple truth is – it just works!

And now, with your openness, we’ll share it with you!

This book reveals every component of embodying these teachings.

And we truly mean… EVERYTHING!

You’ll have a complete roadmap to seeing through illusion & navigating through transitions.

You’ll know how to access intuitive wisdom and recognize your true nature…

And unlock natural equanimity beyond reactivity.

Now, all this may seem unbelievable at first.

We understand.

We have been through that ourselves.

So don’t take our word for it.

Apply the practices yourself and see.

This book is a huge revelation of the truth about death

This is a condensed teaching of how to live a true life.

it’s impossible not to shake your whole ground

choose to live your life free of illusions

changed my life through understanding



That’s what the thinking mind may argue…

That’s what the voice of doubt is probably whispering…

“This sounds nice…”

“But my life is hard and this won’t apply”.

However, we assure you it will.

If you earnestly embody these teachings, with faith, consistency and continuity, your suffering has come to an end.

Now, we may sound crazy making such a statement…

Or seem to have lost all rationality.

But we stand fully behind these teachings because we know they work.

So after you explore this book…


Before requesting your physical copy…

A digital download is also available if preferred, for a small fee.

Click the button to redirect on Amazon for a copy.



We understand this may seem too good to be true…

You may be wondering, “what’s the catch?”

And we know some make empty promises only to disappoint you.

But have no fear – there are no hidden hooks here!

Just pure, unbound wisdom.

We’re openly sharing these teachings out of compassion.

There are two reasons…

1) To pass the torch and assist fellow seekers.

We know firsthand how arduous this path can seem.

These words are the guidance we longed for when starting out or when we came face to face with radical transitions.

Nothing is given to anyone for them to keep it to themselves.

This is our way of supporting you on the journey ahead.

As it is our sacred obligation to do so.

As our Spiritual Teacher did for us.

2) To show you the power of these teachings through our direct experience.

Rather than merely discussing fearlessness no matter what, we wish to demonstrate it.

For once you taste absolute freedom, you’ll want to dive deeper.

This book is complete.

Yet we hope it inspires you to continue on the Path to Inner Peace and Fearless Living.


This book is limited and won’t remain forever.

When copies run out, it will be unavailable until reprinted.

But this is not artificial scarcity.

We simply order small batches, as sincerity matters more than scale.

But know – when copies remain, the teachings are still here.

You’ve arrived at the right moment. But act promptly…

Otherwise, you may miss this opportunity.

A few final notes…

Here is…

What we share simply conveys how we walked the path ourselves.

Starting out utterly lost, until finally ….

And know – we already give you immense value.

Because we distill decades of rigorous practice and teaching into these pages…

Specifically, how to uproot delusion and abide as unbounded awareness.

Not through striving, but by relaxing into what you already are.

It doesn’t require intellect or credentials.

It’s about recognizing the natural wisdom within, now.

And we’ve shared it with thousands – helping unveil their innate perfection.

The truth is always the same regardless of circumstance.

When applied diligently, you will taste freedom.

Then compassion arises to share it with all beings.


Look within and see – the awareness reading these words is unbound and naturally free.

Yet for so long, we overlooked what was closest.

Caught up in fears and false identities instead.

But these teachings shone light, unveiling timeless wisdom.

You see, embodying “self-liberation methods” is the most precious gift one can receive.

And we know it will liberate you too.

Because truth does not rely on circumstance.

It only requires an openness to recognize what is ever-present.

No experience necessary – just enough sincerity to put the guidance into practice.

What does it require?

Courage. Honesty. 

Enough to look beyond comforting illusions.

Enough to face and expose your egos.

Enough to absorb and consistently practice what we share here.

Enough to embody life’s essence in every moment.

If you do just this – nothing more, nothing less – fearless living and dying are assured.

We stand fully behind these teachings.

So here’s what to do next…

Simply request your copy with the form below and we’ll deliver it promptly!

But understand…


If you prefer the eBook, it is also available for a small fee.

Just click below and choose your format.

Thank you for your interest – we look forward to getting this wisdom into your hands!


In case you skipped ahead, here is the summary:

We are mailing you a physical copy of this book containing the precise steps to move through the transitionary phase of death and beyond.

Learn how this knowledge can be integrated in daily life and make you FERALESS…NO MATTER WHAT

Get ready for a Path that has no match


Still reading? We are so glad! This offering is limited, so act promptly.

Once copies run out, the book will be unavailable until reprinted.

No “catch” – just an invitation to timeless wisdom.

Put these teachings into practice and unveil the freedom within.


You made it to the end!

We cannot convey fully in words what awaits upon embodying this wisdom.

But we wholeheartedly assure you – apply this sincerely and lasting peace is inevitable.

Now is the time – claim your copy and rise to who you truly are!

We wish you great joy on the journey ahead.

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